Sunday, May 16, 2010

Can Sehwag be the better captian than Dhoni

Indian cricket team could not perform well in ICC T20 WORLD CUP.All Indian must the better answer to this question because IPL has filled the pockets of all cricketers. So when they are paid with handsome amount of money they try and give their best,which scheme was lacking in T20 WORLD Cup 2010(Westindies).

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cricket = Business

The world has changes so rapidly that nobody can guaranty or forecast the next second.Earlier, sports was regarded as enjoyment and team spirit.
In the modern era of growth and development, all major sectors are combining to survive in the competitive world.In India "Cricket is regarded as a religion",almost 70 % population of our country watch cricket.
Our population is also increasing at a great pace,which is negative indication as far as the economic condition is concerned.On the other hand,increasing population with diverse culture attracts the foreign investment.IPL was one of the biggest success where "set max" has earned around 700 crores, whereas team owners also fetched a handsome amount money.
There were lot many controversies which took place during the IPL-3 season.The major sectors of India such Cricket,business and bollywood came together to fetch a handsome amount of profit from their investments.
Today's Scenario--CRICKET= BUSINESS( bollywood + corporates)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Current Forever: Global Warming

In the history, it was the first time when 192 countries participated in copenhagen summit 2009 to discuss on current condition of the enviroment.According to the scientist it is estimated that earth's temperature will increase by 2 degree C by the next 2 month. Natural Calamaties are the nagative indicators of furthur eco-imbalance.
Every nation in the world is worried about the changing environment,which will lead to destruction.Increasing temperature of the earth is the unliked signal of the global warming.
"winters are getting hotter,summers are more hot with the year passing-by and rainy season stay for shot duration"
what step can be taken for the safety and long life of the earth?it is we human being who are responsible for the current condition of the climate. There are many ways to reduce the pollution,which is the major cause of the global warming and ozone depletion.
Composite effort of all the countries as well as people of the society can be a better measures for controlling the rise in temperature.
Noone else can be made responsible except social animal of the society for the present scenario of the environment.

Indian Law and Terrorism

Law has many rules and regulations for criminal activity in our country. To study law is just like chasing the rainbows.When there are so many strict actions which are taken against the illegal practices,why not for the terrorism. 26/11 was the worst incident which every citizen of India witnessed and will be never forgoten for long time.

Do you think Indian Law is acting instantly for the cases which are crystal clear along with lot many witnesses?As a citizen of India I think our is loosing its importance!Do we know the inside story?noone wants to share or publish!

Terorist play with law and kill innocents, just for the shake of money!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Advertising : The soul of Modern Business

Adevertising, a very common term and a tool which is used for many purposes by an individual or a group of people. In the modern era, every business is trying their best to be position themselves in the minds of the target audience. To maintain a share in the market, an organisation play every possible game.Every day new organisations enter the market with an aim to fetch profit from the market. Many firms exist the market as they could not survive in the competitive world.

The concept of advertising came into existance 3000 B.C. when our ancesters used to paint on the walls,stones,etc. The ancient form of painting were mostly based on the story,facts and the issues and through a viewer can easily connect to.

Modern business advertise for promotion of their product, services or ideas.

"once we invest we want returns"