Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cricket = Business

The world has changes so rapidly that nobody can guaranty or forecast the next second.Earlier, sports was regarded as enjoyment and team spirit.
In the modern era of growth and development, all major sectors are combining to survive in the competitive world.In India "Cricket is regarded as a religion",almost 70 % population of our country watch cricket.
Our population is also increasing at a great pace,which is negative indication as far as the economic condition is concerned.On the other hand,increasing population with diverse culture attracts the foreign investment.IPL was one of the biggest success where "set max" has earned around 700 crores, whereas team owners also fetched a handsome amount money.
There were lot many controversies which took place during the IPL-3 season.The major sectors of India such Cricket,business and bollywood came together to fetch a handsome amount of profit from their investments.
Today's Scenario--CRICKET= BUSINESS( bollywood + corporates)

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