Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Best Resolution 2011 if Possible

People believe on occasion to start or stop new things in life, however India is a country which has lots and lots of festivals which describes the culture of the very old Nation.

It has been a habit of a common man to commence stupid acts in their life and then wait for the special day to adopt or erase from life.We realize problems early but act positively to it later.
I met some people who smoke very often and has a new year resolution to stop smoking. When asked from the why do you smoke? The reply was RELIEF, PLEASURE,REFRESHMENT, etc.
It is up to you what you choose but reality is totally opposite of life.

Quit smoking before it leaves you speechless...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Marriage in the new Age

        “ Marriage is sum total of “Marri--age” which means “dead age”

Marriage is a very sweet relationship between two people. It is an oath to live together for whole life. Traditionally, marriage was regarded as the relationship between two families however in modern society it is just a lovely relationship between two people. Our society is very conservative about relationship and involves certain traditional terms and conditions.

In modern days the young generation is more resistant about their career and growth. The fast moving life has bought dynamic change in relationship. Man is ready to adjust with various circumstances in his office; however in home it is just opposite. Sometimes these things lead to conflict between two life partners. People marry for many reasons, including one or more of the following: legal, social, emotional, economical, spiritual, and religious.

Independent life is the first priority of present generation, which has lead to birth of live-in relationship and love marriage. Why one doesn’t want to get married before he / she have reaches the secured place in career? Simple reason is restriction, which will be imposed on the married couple either by the society or their families.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Recreating Business Identity

Losing the identity is the worst thing that can happen to anyone. 
I know I am not a corporate but can I act like a corporate?
to play this role, I need to change to what extent?
I am not acting in a movie,
but still I have to act, where there is no story to tell
I believe in myself, however they believe in money.
loving my work is my attitude,
however there attitude is formal and profit-oriented.
even if I get into the shoe of corporate,
does it fulfill my perception and there expectation?
is the world not enough for them?
whom should I ask this question?
I can be a part of this film only if I get a right role.
I don't want the lead role, 
but at least role me where I can adjust.
there world is different than ours...

"Creating somethings is not difficult,however recreating something is far more difficult" .


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Latest Brand Mantra

You must have heard much about the bollywood film sequels, but it will be difficult to digest if it comes to advertisement sequel. It is nothing but the advertisement campaign based on “BIG IDEA”. Every advertisement has its own base, which supports the campaign. Most of the advertisement is based on the “creative idea” which may easily connect to the target audience. For instance, we consider the “IDEA” a telecom company, there big idea is “WHAT AN IDEA SIRJI” .This campaign has shown some positive signals for the brand, but will it be able to keep a track with the competitors.

The return on investment in advertisement campaign cannot be measured easily, as there are no specific parameters for measuring it in monetary terms. It is like shooting a duck in with closed eyes. Telecom Companies like Reliance, Tata and Airtel invest more on advertisement instead of public relations. There are some negative impact of the growing media business on advertisement as a whole.

The world of advertisement has changed drastically with the requirement of corporate world.

Can a company rely on advertisement campaigns?

Modern Advertisement trends are serial advertisement or sequential advertisement. The most successful sequential ad campaign was “Vodafone zozo”. Does this campaign made a difference to “vodafone” sales figure. No doubt the campaign was good and well executed but what was its objective….that remains the million dollar question? Sequel advertising is one of the innovations in the field of advertisement. Is it the reliable way of advertisement or not that future will decide?

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Is the planet earth in safe hands?

The only planet in the universe where life exist in no more into the safe hands.
Only one cant carry the burden of blame on his head,it is the humanity which is missing out something big. Earth's temperature has increased at a great pace and the ultimate sufferers are the living things. This has made a negative impact on agriculture sector as well as the FMCG products.
Negative impacts of global warming are many but solution is none!!

Protect it,Preserve it because our planet deserve it!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Can Sehwag be the better captian than Dhoni

Indian cricket team could not perform well in ICC T20 WORLD CUP.All Indian must the better answer to this question because IPL has filled the pockets of all cricketers. So when they are paid with handsome amount of money they try and give their best,which scheme was lacking in T20 WORLD Cup 2010(Westindies).

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cricket = Business

The world has changes so rapidly that nobody can guaranty or forecast the next second.Earlier, sports was regarded as enjoyment and team spirit.
In the modern era of growth and development, all major sectors are combining to survive in the competitive world.In India "Cricket is regarded as a religion",almost 70 % population of our country watch cricket.
Our population is also increasing at a great pace,which is negative indication as far as the economic condition is concerned.On the other hand,increasing population with diverse culture attracts the foreign investment.IPL was one of the biggest success where "set max" has earned around 700 crores, whereas team owners also fetched a handsome amount money.
There were lot many controversies which took place during the IPL-3 season.The major sectors of India such Cricket,business and bollywood came together to fetch a handsome amount of profit from their investments.
Today's Scenario--CRICKET= BUSINESS( bollywood + corporates)