Thursday, July 1, 2010

Latest Brand Mantra

You must have heard much about the bollywood film sequels, but it will be difficult to digest if it comes to advertisement sequel. It is nothing but the advertisement campaign based on “BIG IDEA”. Every advertisement has its own base, which supports the campaign. Most of the advertisement is based on the “creative idea” which may easily connect to the target audience. For instance, we consider the “IDEA” a telecom company, there big idea is “WHAT AN IDEA SIRJI” .This campaign has shown some positive signals for the brand, but will it be able to keep a track with the competitors.

The return on investment in advertisement campaign cannot be measured easily, as there are no specific parameters for measuring it in monetary terms. It is like shooting a duck in with closed eyes. Telecom Companies like Reliance, Tata and Airtel invest more on advertisement instead of public relations. There are some negative impact of the growing media business on advertisement as a whole.

The world of advertisement has changed drastically with the requirement of corporate world.

Can a company rely on advertisement campaigns?

Modern Advertisement trends are serial advertisement or sequential advertisement. The most successful sequential ad campaign was “Vodafone zozo”. Does this campaign made a difference to “vodafone” sales figure. No doubt the campaign was good and well executed but what was its objective….that remains the million dollar question? Sequel advertising is one of the innovations in the field of advertisement. Is it the reliable way of advertisement or not that future will decide?


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  2. i must say it's a good and beneficial article as far as business prospects are concerned.

  3. that's a good angle to look at sequential ads .... however i personally don't feel they have worked for other products. zoo zoo is an exception yes. keep up the good work saurabh! :)

  4. Good work dude!!!
    but I think there is no parameter to to measure the profitability to the company through advertisements it is just to trigger the thinking of the consumer. As u rightly said time will decide the future of sequential ads