Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Recreating Business Identity

Losing the identity is the worst thing that can happen to anyone. 
I know I am not a corporate but can I act like a corporate?
to play this role, I need to change to what extent?
I am not acting in a movie,
but still I have to act, where there is no story to tell
I believe in myself, however they believe in money.
loving my work is my attitude,
however there attitude is formal and profit-oriented.
even if I get into the shoe of corporate,
does it fulfill my perception and there expectation?
is the world not enough for them?
whom should I ask this question?
I can be a part of this film only if I get a right role.
I don't want the lead role, 
but at least role me where I can adjust.
there world is different than ours...

"Creating somethings is not difficult,however recreating something is far more difficult" .



  1. Very well said. That too in very few words.
    Acting is very difficult but one can if the person acts what he/she can.

  2. hi dear , nice one ... i thought u can't right well bt at last u did it .. i m lovin it ...i will give u lead role in my world ,,, where u can recreat the things according to ur willlllll